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Silent-Power AG is a group of CleanTech companies based in Cham, Switzerland. Our mission is to accelerate the energy transition: making it affordable, climate-neutral and better for us and nature with renewable methanol. Founded in 2002 by Prof. Dr. Urs A. Weidmann, Silent-Power is pioneering the role of renewable methanol in the global energy transition after the Nobelprize winning vision of George A. Olah. George A. Olah's vision was that Methanol is the most suitable energy carrier to replace fossil fuels in combustion engine technology due to its ability to be distributed safely, replace fossil fuels in existing combustion technologies and its ability to store hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources. Our team of engineers has developed the unique decentralised ECONIMO mini power plants, followed by stationary & mobile heat generators and a stationary power generator, all fired with methanol. After proving the ECONIMO concept plant in 2016, we’ve been working on commercializing the product to bring a sustainable Heat and Power generation alternative to our customers. The team continues developing new Methanol applications for mobility, industry and residential purposes.

Prof. Dr. Urs A. Weidmann
Prof. Dr. Urs A. WeidmannFounder & President of the Board of Directors

Avoiding CO2 emissions with the CO2-Neutral Methanol Cycle©

Prof. Dr. Urs A. Weidmann, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Silent-Power AG, is a pioneer in the research and development of climate-neutral energy supply solutions. Inspired by the Nobelprize winning vision of George A. Olah of a Methanol Economy he deciced to found the company Silent-Power. With the objective to put George Olah's vision into reality.

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The Methanol Era (English, ebook)

The entrepreneur and scientist Urs A. Weidmann shows in a generally understandable way what methanol is, what advantages it offers and how it is produced in a CO2-neutral manner.

Also available in German.

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Albrecht Tribukait PhD, MBA
Albrecht Tribukait PhD, MBAGroup CEO of Silent-Power AG, CEO of ECONIMO Drive AG

Helping customers meet their NetZero Emissions targets

I am committed to leading with integrity and purpose, inspiring those around me to achieve greatness and create lasting impact.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Petschner
Prof. Dr. Thomas PetschnerMember of the Board of Directors

Transdiscipinary scientist, environment & health

Frantz Wallenborn
Frantz WallenbornMember of the Board of Directors

Expert on logistics, transportation and storage

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