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Silent-Power is at the forefront of the global energy revolution, leveraging the power of renewable methanol to transform the way we generate and store energy. With its ability to be sustainably produced from CO2, water & renewable electricity, climate-neutral methanol offers a clean alternative to all fossil fuels.

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Methanol has a long history of safe use as a feedstock in the chemical industry, but not everyone is aware of its potential as a CO2-neutral energy source, representing a transformative leap towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.


Methanol economy: designed with the future of our planet in mind

The methanol economy is not just a concept. It's a game-changing solution that promises to transform the way we power our world. By replacing fossil fuels with synthetic methanol, we can create a cleaner, sustainable energy system capable of reconciling the economy with the ecology.

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Methanol pioneers

Silent-Power is a true pioneer, blazing a trail towards a sustainable and CO2-neutral future, powered by the versatile and renewable energy source of synthetic methanol.


A special milestone has been the development of the unique decentralised ECONIMO mini power plants, followed by stationary & mobile heat generators and a stationary power generator, all fired with methanol.


Synthetic fuels such as methanol have the potential to accelerate the energy transition and make it affordable.

Swiss visionary, Prof. Dr. Urs A. Weidmann, scientist, founder & chairman
of the board of Silent-Power

This is what motivates us: cutting CO2 emissions and removing amounts of it from the atmosphere, reusing carbon dioxide as an energy source.

Swiss visionary, Prof. Dr. Urs A. Weidmann, scientist, founder & chairman of the board of Silent-Power

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The methanol age

The entrepreneur and scientist Urs A. Weidmann shows in a generally understandable way what methanol is, what advantages it offers and how it is produced in a CO2-neutral manner. And, above all, how it is used for a wide variety of purposes: to power cars & ships, for heating, to generate electricity.

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Establishment of clean and safe energy source in green circular economy

Silent-Power a cleantech group of companies that aligns with the vision of building a circular energy economy, where carbon dioxide is repurposed to produce synthetic methanol while advanced technologies are harnessed to unleash its untapped potential, converting its chemical energy into readily usable power and/or heat.

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