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HeatMobile / Warm air heat

The HeatMobile is a methanol-fired mobile warm air heater for heating and drying.

The units can be ordered new from us, but alternatively we also offer conversions for your units already used on oil. By using M99 methanol, the units are completely climate-friendly and in terms of emissions and fuel handling, they are in a class of their own compared to pellet heaters.

The units are available from 20 kW to 400 kW output (other sizes on request). They are easy to transport and, with the approved IBC tanks, can be set up and put into operation in a short time. Whether the HeatMobile's are used seasonally or run continuously, they are reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly. These units are also a good choice for ecological vegetable cultivation, as the heating period can be improved in a CO2-neutral way.

Finally, festivals and events can also be celebrated in a CO2-neutral manner - and without fine dust, as unfortunately occurs with other heating systems.

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One device, many applications

Events & Concerts

Heating tents and events
Heating of event sites


Heating of greenhouses
Heating of animal stables
Drying of harvest products
Heating of storage rooms


Heating of halls and workshops
Heating of storage rooms and depots

Construction sites:

Heating and drying of new and old buildings
Heating of construction site facilities

The tank system

The mobile tanks (Intermediate Bulk Containers /IBCs) are easy to transport, stackable (up to 4 containers) and they are UN-approved for transport and also temporary storage of methanol.

The IBCs are double-walled and are supplied by us with approved extraction systems (partly accessories for heating, partly attachments to the tanks). The tanks meet the required safety regulations for fire protection and are approved for Ex zones 1&2.

Silent-Power delivers the M99 methanol in the IBCs to the site of the unit. We provide the IBCs on loan, our customers only pay for the fuel.

HeatMobile / Warm air heat data sheet

Would you like to buy or convert an environmentally friendly warm air heating system? Dragan Bijorac is Head of Operations at our company and is very familiar with the various warm air heating models. Contact us by filling out the form below.