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HeatFountain / Outdoor heater

The HeatFountain from Silent-Power is a high-quality outdoor radiant heater that can heat CO2-neutrally thanks to the use of methanol M99. It provides the same cosy feeling of warmth as the - unfortunately very environmentally harmful - gas-powered outdoor heaters, which are not permitted in many places for precisely this reason.

Thanks to the robust and practical construction of the HeatFountain, it is ideally suited for restaurant terraces, après-ski huts or other outdoor festivities. Finally, you can heat outside in a CO2-neutral way, without changing the performance compared to conventional outdoor heaters.

The HeatFountain is supplied with a patented tank. These are available in various sizes up to 30 litres. With this, a heater can be in continuous operation for up to 20 hours.

When the methanol is burnt, only as much CO2 is released into the air as was previously extracted from the atmosphere for the production of the methanol. Moreover, no harmful emissions and no fine dust are produced. Customers can procure methanol quickly and easily through us. This ensures that our customers receive everything from a single source.

In the winter of 2021/2022, some of our HeatFountains have already been in test use at various locations in Switzerland. For example, at the Christmas market in Cham (Canton of Zug), at the Christmas village at Bellevue (Canton of Zurich) and in Bern at DAS ZELT.

We will introduce the new series model in autumn 2022.

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One device, many applications

  • Restaurant terraces
  • Ski resorts & winter destinations
  • Fairs and festivals with outdoor areas
  • Outdoor areas of bars and clubs

Currently, our HeatFountains are intended for commercial use due to their size and construction.

We are working on various models in order to bring a HeatFountain for private use in the garden onto the market as soon as possible.

HeatFountain / Outdoor heater data sheet

Our elegant and robust HeatFountain has convinced you and you also want to set one up on your terrace? Peter Oehler is the project manager of the environmentally friendly heat fountains and would be happy to tell you more. Get in touch with us and fill out the form below.