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Econimo 5000 - Mini Power Plant

The Econimo 5000 is a compact, modular cogeneration unit that runs on methanol M99.

On the footprint of two standard containers, the unit generates almost 2 MW of electrical energy and about 3 MW of heat. By using methanol, the Econimo generates clean electrical and thermal energy and high-quality waste heat for hot water, heating, process heat or steam.

The Econimo is based on a proven gas turbine, which Silent-Power has converted to run on methanol. Thanks to this unit, customers are independent of the grid, as they can produce and use their own electricity as well as heat. The cogeneration unit runs reliably in both continuous and backup mode.

The Econimo is delivered prefabricated in a container and is designed for outdoor installation. On site, it can be installed and commissioned within a few days. The service life is up to 25 years.


One device, many applications


  • Heating and cooling of industrial plants
  • Steam production
  • Process heating and cooling

Hotels & commercial buildings

  • Heating or cooling for tourist complexes
  • Heating or cooling for commercial complexes
  • Backup energy

Island operation & emergencies

  • Electric power generation
  • Emergency power
  • Sationary or mobile installations (on trucks or ships)
Econimo 5000 - Mini Power Plant data sheet

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