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Econimo 300 - Mini Power Plant

The Econimo 300 is a compact combined heat and power unit that runs on C02-neutral bio - or synthetic methanol M99.

Through the use of methanol, the Econimo generates clean electrical and thermal energy for hot water and heating. Process heat and steam can also be generated. The mini power plant is based on a gas turbine and generator modified by Silent-Power.

With an Econimo from Silent-Power, customers are independent of the grid because they can produce and use their own electricity as well as heat. It is ideal for both continuous and seasonal operation.

The Econimo is delivered ready in a container and is designed for outdoor installation. It can be installed and commissioned on site within 24 hours. The service life is up to 25 years.

Econimo is a globally protected trademark and stands for "Energy Converter Integral Module".


One unit, many applications

Residential complexes

Heating and electricity for residential complexes
Regional district heating for households
Heating or cooling for commercial buildings


Heating or cooling for tourist complexes
Heat for pools
Backup energy

Island operation

Electric power generation,
Stationary or mobile installations
(on trucks or ships)

Due to its high output, the Econimo 300 is not suitable for single-family homes. For this, we recommend the HeatFix from Silent-Power. This is a stationary condensing boiler that runs on the renewable methanol M99. More information about the HeatFix will follow shortly. Are you interested in a HeatFix? Contact us at

Econimo 300 - Mini Power Plant data sheet

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