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The energy transition.
A century-old issue that is moving the world.

All forecasts agree: despite all the efficiency improvements and savings measures, future energy requirements will continue to grow. On the one hand, because heat pumps are increasingly being used for heating and cooling. And on the other hand, because the population and mobility will continue to increase. This means - in addition to electricity production - the storage and transport of energy pose new challenges. Worldwide, 80% is generated from fossil fuels. With a share of 70%, electricity and heat generation is the largest contributor to Co2 emissions.

It is good that the energy turnaround has been decided and the Paris Climate Agreement has been ratified by 191 countries worldwide. These countries have committed themselves to drastically reducing their greenhouse gas emissions now.

Switzerland's energy strategy.

With the energy turnaround 2050, Switzerland has decided that by then all types of energy will come exclusively from renewable sources. Coal, oil, natural gas and uranium will therefore be 100% replaced. The question however, is: how do we intend to satisfy our immense energy needs now and in the future with hydropower, wind power, photovoltaics or energy from biomass? Because it is clear that electricity production with these energy sources is already reaching its limits today.

What the energy strategy 2050 requires of us.

  • Reduction of fossil CO2 emissions into the atmosphere to zero.
  • Reducing dependence on the import of fossil fuels such as oil or natural gas
  • Securing our energy supply even during peak consumption periods
  • Creation of Swiss jobs through innovative solutions

A long-term and holistic approach is necessary for the implementation of the energy strategy. Silent-Power has already done pioneering work in this area. We have succeeded in drastically reducing CO2 emissions by converting climate-neutral CO2 into methanol, storing it and reusing it as an energy source for buildings, industry, power generation and mobility. In this way, we replace fossil CO2 from combustibles and fuels in an environmentally friendly way.

Global energy consumption will continue to rise in the future, and many energy sources will disappear. The solution is methanol from Silent-Power. With this and the use of decentralized small power plants Switzerland can become a pioneer in the energy transition.



If nuclear power and fossil energy
sources disappear, renewables will
have to take over the supply for
industry, households, transport and
Renewable electricity from wind and
solar power is only available on
demand at the consumer's location to
a limited extent. In addition, electricity
can only be transported over long
distances and stored seasonally with
difficulty. This is why we need longterm storage to maintain the power
supply throughout the year.
Silent Power's fuel cycle is based on
synthetically produced methanol,
with electricity from renewable energy


Methanol (M99) is a liquid, universal
energy carrier and is produced synthetically with green electricity, CO2 and water. The process can be carried out centrally in large-scale power plants or decentrally in small-scale plants – at locations and times where electricity from renewables is produced cost-effectively and is not needed immediately.


Methanol is the world's most traded
liquid after petroleum. It can be stored
long-term at ambient pressure and
temperature without energy loss and
without danger.


Methanol can easily be distributed
through existing distribution channels such as those for petrol, diesel or paraffin; a filling station network for vehicles is available.


The Econimo mini power plants ensure a high degree of autonomy. By storing the stored energy as methanol at the consumer’s, the electricity is produced and also consumed directly on site.
When needed, the plants run at full
capacity within a short period of time.

In addition to electricity, they also
supply hot water for heating and cold
water for cooling the buildings.


Methanol and Econimo converters
in combination with electric motors
ensure environmentally friendly
mobility: smaller and thus lighter
batteries, no lengthy recharging,
range at the usual level, no noise,
no vibrations and they are virtually


Through conversion into electrical
and thermal energy, methanol is
broken down again into its non-toxic
components CO2 and water and
returned to the environment.


A round thing: with methanol, a Co2-neutral energy supply is no longer a vision but a reality. You just have to implement the cycle consistently enough. Silent-Power is ready!

Video "Energy for the future"