Frequent Questions

What is a decentralised energy supply?

Decentralised energy supply provides energy through small-scale power plants close to the consumer. The energy supply is generated by considerably more plants, but – compared to centralised energy supply – by smaller plants.

Decentralised small power plants either feed the electricity directly into a public distribution grid (medium and low voltage grid) or they produce electricity for their own supply. Isolated solutions (interconnection of electricity producers and electricity consumers without connection to a public grid) are also part of decentralised energy supply.

Silent-Power has developed the world’s first Econimo mini power plant powered by methanol. It has been in commercial operation at the local power supplier WWZ since 2016.

Econimos ensure a high degree of autonomy: By storing the stored energy as methanol at the consumer, the electricity is produced and also consumed directly on site. If required, the mini power plants run at full capacity within seconds. In addition to electricity, they also supply hot water for heating and cold water for cooling the buildings.