Silent-Power’s Objectives



Generate equivalent capacity to replace the nuclear power gap

Switzerland and Germany have decided to take the nuclear power plants off the grid over the coming years. Switzerland will be faced with a power gap of 40% or 5 GW. Silent-Power can significantly contribute to closing this gap.



Stopping global warming

Counteracting temperature increase in the atmosphere.



Replacing fossil heating and automotive fuels

Replacing the Age of fossil heating and automotive fuels by a new CO2-neutral solution: methanol.



Affordable energy

The expansion of the high-voltage transmission grid becomes redundant thanks to the decentralised Econimo mini power plants. 



The Energy Concept of Silent-Power is Distinguished by Five Key Advantages



Chemical storage of electricity

Electricity can be converted chemically into methanol (M99). The energy inherent in methanol can be stored virtually without loss and transported to the point of use. Silent Power’s energy concept allows storing the CO2-neutral, environmentally friendly and inexpensive energy where it accumulates. Unlike fossil heating and automotive fuels, methanol can be produced fully synthetically in almost unlimited quantities.




Methanol is synthesised from the components water, electricity and CO2-sustainable sources (e.g. from the atmosphere) in a single-stage catalytic process. During combustion of methanol, the bound CO2 is released again besides energy and water vapour. This produces a CO2-neutral cycle.



Decentralised energy system

The energy concept of Silent-Power is based on a decentralised system. In place of large-scale power plants, thousands of small mini power stations produce electricity only whenever needed.



Energy within seconds

The new type of energy converter of Silent-Power is based on the thermophotovoltaic technology and is capable of reaching full electric performance within seconds at an infinitely powered and consistently high level of efficiency. Indispensable for future grid stability!



Simple logistics

Methanol is a liquid similar to the fossil heating and automotive fuels (petrol and diesel), which can be transported and stored. It can be fitted on existing systems; an expansion of the power grid infrastructure is no longer necessary. Only a single logistic distribution system is required for all energy needs, unlike today, where electricity reaches consumers through grids, and petrol, fuel oil and natural gas via other channels. The total cost balance is superior, the losses due to storage, conversion and transport are minimised. Silent-Power’s concept is a carbon-neutral, environmentally friendly and most economical option to store the energy where it accumulates. The thereby resulting methanol M99® can be stored anywhere in the world and moved easily in time and space. Remote hydroelectric power plants (Amazon region) or wave power plants (New Hebrides) suddenly become economically attractive since the energy gained by methanol can be transported cost effectively over long distances to urban areas.


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