Econimo-Drive – The Power Generator of the Future


Econimo-Drive AG develops the conversion unity with which our heating and automotive fuel (M99 methanol) can be converted into electricity. This thermophotovoltaic converter can be used in various mobile applications.

The Econimo converters supply electricity for all kinds of electric drives and provide an environmentally friendly, CO2-neutral mobility. In addition to cars, emergency power generators, electric lawn mowers or e-bikes, the Econimo converter can also power ships,

construction machinery or aircrafts. Thus heavy batteries, lengthy charging, noise, vibrations, as well as toxic emissions are a thing of the past, whereas the virtually maintenance-free Econimos are silent and environmentally friendly.

Econimo-Drive’s Objectives



Development of an innovative power generator

Development of a novel power generator capable of producing, thanks to the trigeneration system, not only electricity, but also heating and cooling (Econimo). The converter is not powered by fuel cells but by thermophotovoltaic energy.


CO2-neutrality thanks to methanol

Methanol is used as a fuel. Water vapour and the non-toxic gas CO2 are produced during conversion into electricity. Since the Econimo converter operates entirely CO2-neutral, a flue stack is not necessary.


Silent and virtually maintenance-free

The Econimo converter runs silently, vibration-free and also virtually maintenance-free.


Affordable production

The converter is very cheap to produce since it consists of only a few parts – in contrast to e.g. a piston engine.


Econimo-Drive’s Advantages




The conversion of heating and automotive fuels into electricity is virtually noiseless.



Depending on the scope of use, the investment and maintenance costs of the Econimo converter are lower by up to 50% compared to the current processes (mass production).



Compared to grid-bound devices, its off-grid usage is thus possible everywhere.


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