Econimo – The CO2-neutral Mini Power Plant

Our Econimo mini power plant is a “trigeneration” system, which produces electricity, as well as hot and cold water from fuel.

Econimo® is the abbreviation for “Energy Converter Integral Module” (worldwide registered trademark).

Instead of further large-scale power plants, the Silent-Power energy concept relies on thousands of small Econimo mini power plants that produce electricity as well as hot and cold water on site. The heat is used for heating and cooling (buildings, vehicles, etc.); the electricity is fed to the grid or drives electric motors in appliances, machinery and vehicles.
In the stationary segment, Silent-Power develops mini power plants, which ensure a decentralised energy supply of buildings. With this concept, Silent-Power solves at a stroke several energy issues that are still unresolved. The unobtrusive units can be operated near buildings.

They function silently and are low-maintenance and do not generate noxious emissions.


Since Econimos generate three types of energy simultaneously, the costs are correspondingly low. The Econimos are remotely monitored and controlled.

Property owners or property management companies need not worry about maintenance or about the logistics to secure the fuel supply. The Econimo headquarters monitors automatically over the Internet the M99-fill level in the units and a tanker truck refills the tank in time. The local energy supplier bills the consumers for the electricity as well as for the hot and cold water.

The Econimo mini power plants allow a high degree of autonomy by storing the accumulated M99 methanol energy at the consumer, thereby allowing the electricity to be produced directly on site as required. In the future, the existing high-voltage grid must therefore not be expanded further.




The Econimo mini power plants improve the air quality in cities!

The development phase is complete, and the world’s first Econimo mini power plant (Energy Converter Integral Module) has been connected to the grid in Steinhausen. Exhaust gas measurements were conducted for the first time by a neutral authority. The results astounded: the exhaust gases contain

fewer pollutants (i.e. unburned hydrocarbons UHC) than the ambient air. Explanation: unburned hydrocarbons (especially from diesel engines) are “post-combusted” in the combustion chambers of our methanol combustion process. The fact that the Econimo mini power plant improves even the air quality in the cities is an additional benefit!




Daily newspaper “Tages-Anzeiger” of 25 August 2016, German article on the world’s first startup of our Econimo mini power plant

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