The Flow of Energy that Secures our Future

The entire methanol supply can rely on the existing infrastructure. The current transport vessel, depots or petrol stations can be adopted and adapted without great effort. Refitting of the petrol, diesel and kerosene to methanol infrastructure is thus simple and inexpensive.
For the transport of methanol, emission-free vehicles (“zero-emission vehicles ZEV”) are provided, as these do not emit harmful combustion gases and 


thus allow an environmentally friendly methanol supply.
Moreover, methanol as a universal energy source requires only a single distribution system, and a logistics for the oil heating as well as a petrol station network for motor vehicles, as required today by electricity and gas pipelines, will be redundant in future.



Solar, wind and hydroelectric power stations feed electricity directly in the grid or generate methanol (M99) from water and CO2. M99 is distributed via the existing infrastructure in the same way as heating oil to the mini power plants. These in turn generate electricity for direct use or feed electricity, if necessary, back to the grid.

Silent-Power decentralises the generation of electricity over the Econimo mini power plants that can be located in their immediate vicinity. Since they run silently, no one is disturbed by the operation. The individual units automatically generate electricity, exactly if and when it is needed! The mini power plants are reliable electricity storage units.

In the event of cloudy skies or during windless conditions, the feeding of the corresponding solar or wind energy can fail for a whole region within just a few seconds. The Econimos then start independently to fill systematically the resulting electricity gap to prevent a collapse of the grid. According to energy experts, the use of Silent-Power mini power plants as 

complement for photovoltaics and wind is essential in the future.

Econimos regulate power fluctuations in urban districts. Methanol offers a means of storing electricity in inexpensive containers for hundreds of years and over long distances without loss.

Methanol is a colourless liquid that does not decompose, unlike oil. M99 can be used as a universal heating and automotive fuel to replace all 14 fossil liquid heating and automotive fuels currently marketed in Switzerland. The methanol economy thus becomes a lot easier and storage and distribution far more economical.

Fact-Sheet Methanol, Interesting Facts about Methanol

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