Your Investment in the future of the next generation!

We have the solution and you have the opportunity to invest in the world of tomorrow!
Your investment will secure the CO2-neutral energy future of the next generations.


Board members of Silent-Power AG and Econimo-Drive AG

Member of the Board and CEO – Prof. PhD Urs A. Weidmann
CEO and Member of the Board, IMES Management AG | Cham, Switzerland
former Member of the Executive Board, UBS AG | Basel, Switzerland
former Head of Financial Engineering, Credit Suisse AG | Zurich, Switzerland

At the last General Meeting, the Board of Directors decided to not stand for re-election. The five members have accompanied the entire research and development phase. The average age has risen to over 72 years. Now 4 members resigned to be elected for a new term. Prof. Weidmann remains on board and is looking for a young team. We are currently evalating suitable candidates.

President of the board – MSc Engineer FIT Thomas K. Escher
former Vice Chairman Wealth Management & Swiss Bank, UBS AG | Zurich, Switzerland
former Director General, Schweizerischer Bankverein | Basel, Switzerland

Member of the Board – PhD Kurt E. Siegenthaler
former President of the Board, Bucher Industries AG | Niederweningen, Switzerland
former CFO, Bühler AG | Uzwil, Switzerland

Member of the Board – MSc Arch. ETH Tomaso Zanoni
MSc Arch. ETH SIA SWB REG A EUR ING & Owner ZANONI Architekten | Zurich, Switzerland
former City Architect | Zug & Davos, Switzerland

Member of the Board – PhD Walter Grüebler
former President and CEO, SIKA AG | Baar, Schweiz
former Member of the Executive Board, Alusuisse AG | Zurich, Schweiz


Allow us to advise you personally and become part of a revolutionary idea!
 Your investment contributes to promoting a CO2-neutral future.

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