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Our future-oriented technology can solve the existing energy supply problems.


The CO2-neutral
Econimo Mini Power Plant

The Econimo mini power plant runs silently and virtually maintenance-free. It produces electricity, hot and cold water.


Closed, CO2-neutral
Energy Cycle

If methanol is burnt, it breaks down again into its basic components water and non-toxic CO2 gas. 100% CO2-neutral!


The CO2-neutral Energy Cycle

Click here for a full schematic explanation of the Silent-Power CO2-neutral energy cycle


This efficient and climate-neutral energy cycle is in the future based on the fully synthetically produced, entirely sustainable and 100% CO2-neutral liquid fuel methanol. The individual areas are structured into separate business units:

Methanol Synthesis – Acquiring CO2 from the atmosphere and producing methanol.

Methanol Supply– Transport and storage.

Econimo Mini Power Plant – Conversion of methanol into electricity, heating and cooling.

The fundamental problem resides in the fact that electricity is not produced at the right time or too far away from the consumer. Both the production of electricity as well as its storage and transport are regarded as major challenges of the future. Silent-Power’s venture solves exactly these issues. Silent-Power aims at producing fully synthetic methanol from


clean energy obtained from renewable sources such as wind power, photovoltaic systems or wave power plants, as well as from water and from the CO2 gas in the atmosphere. This process can be applied centrally in large plants or in small-decentralised stations, exactly where “surplus energy” occurs. The M99 methanol to be produced by Silent-Power is characterised by a 99% purity and 100% biodegradability.

M99 can be transported through the existing distribution channels for petrol, diesel or kerosene. Therefore, a large part of the available cost-intensive infrastructure can be used. M99 burns without leaving any residues or toxic emissions.

By converting the M99 methanol into electricity, the components previously required to produce the methanol are again broken down and returned to the environment. Thereby, closing the cycle and making the Silent-Power concept entirely CO2-neutral.

The CO2-neutral Way of Clean Renewable Energy from the Sources to the Consumers


Here you will find additional information in our Silent-Power concept brochure

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